What is the purpose of a beautiful home?

What is the purpose of a beautiful home?

Hello Friends!

I don’t know about you, but something about the shifting autumn light always makes me pause and reflect a bit on the deeper things of life. Perhaps it’s because we’ve moved into the nesting and gathering phase of the year, and it makes me ponder why I collect and display the bits of treasure that I do. Have you ever wondered what it is about us as humans that makes us want to “feather our nests” and make them comfortable and beautiful? Have you ever thought about why a beautiful home just feels inviting and makes you want to stay? Knowing all of you through our exchanges at the Interior Delights shop, or the lovely comments on social media, makes me think that you do indeed think about the deeper aspects of creating a home of beauty and delight. You my friends, are true experts at creating a beautiful home for friends and family, so let’s muse further on why this is important to us. 

I think that sometimes the best way to understand something is to just take it out of the picture and consider the alternative. So, in this case, if we were to take all of the beauty out of a home, we’d have pure function and utility. Can you picture the standard toaster you grew up with? It was probably only utilitarian in nature and there was nothing charming or endearing about it. You most likely can’t even picture it. There is no long-lasting legacy in a thing that is purely function and no beauty. Apply the opposite to some of the things you love best in your home today, it may be utterly “useless” in form, but it is beautiful and memorable. It’s those mere decorative items that motivate and inspire us by their coziness to do the monotonous things in our homes such as sweeping away dust bunnies, as well as the more meaningful things which will remain our legacy in life: lighting a beautiful candle to create a peaceful ambiance, baking a pie for our guests, or creating a little nook for our loved one to rest comfortably. These are all pockets of beauty that have more importance than we often realize.

It’s very easy for us to look around the things of beauty in our homes and think that it doesn’t matter, that it is superfluous. But when you cut out everything of beauty, you cut off life itself. When you take out the beauty and leave only the function, life becomes barren, sterile, and devoid of that which makes us look to the future with hope. So beauty matters because whatever is good and beautiful, matters. Beauty is universally written on our hearts and brings peace, love, acceptance. As the great playwright Oscar Wilde states; “Man is hungry for beauty, there is a void.” So my dear friends, we are not being foolish when we decorate our homes, we are engaging in that which fills the hearts of those who seek that which is lovely.

As I look around my own home, I wonder which items my children will someday remember with fondness simply for their beauty and the comfort that their beauty brings. I personally love the main stay items such as my copper lanterns, which I decorate distinctively depending on the season or holiday, here you can see how I decorate it for fall. Also, another favorite is the gathering cloche; which has held sweet treats, savory snacks for hungry bellies, as well as beautiful greenery and candles. What about you, dear friend? What is it that you recall from homes you have visited that filled you with delight and inspiration simply because of their beauty? It’s my hope that today you find joy in the pockets of beauty all around you!

Your Friend,

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