Festive Christmas Centerpiece Display

Festive Christmas Centerpiece Display

It’s that beautiful and magical time of year again. The Interior Delights team and I absolutely love the hustle and the bustle that comes with the Christmas coziness. If you’ve been to our store in Parker, Colorado during November or December, you know exactly the level of enthusiasm we share for getting as festive as Jolly Old Saint Nick himself. We love spreading Christmas cheer, so we’re sharing all our favorite styles with you! Many looks are bundled and professionally styled to make the decorating as simple as possible on your end, so you can recreate the look in your home. We want you to enjoy decking your halls as much as we do. The special little touches of something festive, can make everyone who walks through your doors feel joyous. You will watch in awe as the humbugs walk into your home, change their tune, and start smiling for once in their lives. Miracles happen every day, friends.

For this particular centerpiece display idea, we wanted to include instructions to completely take out the guesswork for you. Think of us as your Christmas elves that deliver everything you need to make this stunning arrangement in your home. We have styled it on the kitchen island, but it could be displayed on a table or sideboard as well. Everything will be linked for you below to add to your cart, and this post will show you just how easily this will come together. Easy as pie. Hold up, is pie really that easy? I still have not mastered a pie crust, so I have never understood that saying. I digress. We know your time is precious and you have a million things on your holiday to do list! It just thrills us that we can share this beautiful, already coordinated idea with you and save you precious time. That is more time for you to kiss under the mistletoe, go on horse-drawn sleigh rides, and carol with friends. Add these home decor products to cart now, so you know it’s on the way and you can enjoy the beauty of it all set up soon while you bake all of your holiday treats. (Anyone out there want to bake my pie this year?) Also, just in case we lose each other in the seven levels of the candy cane forest, pin this graphic on your Pinterest board so that you can easily find this tutorial once your order arrives. That way, if you get lost in the blizzard of the internet, we will still be there for you, a candle in the darkness, the wind beneath your wings, your decorating hope when all is lost.

Here is your shopping list to create this styled look that we love!
72” Merry Christmas Wreath Appliqué Table Runner
Layering Runner (optional)
Reindeer Tea Light Holder
Cedar Pine Cone Pick- Set of 3
(2) 13” Red Berry Picks
(2) Blended Needle Pine Sprays
Brown Wooden Dough Bowl Set
Gold Cowbells
Rustic Footed Riser

Bonus Tip: If you don’t already have our exclusive holiday garland, this is another easy way to make every space in your home instantly festive, so add a few of those to cart while you are at it. We love them all over the windows, mirrors, mantles, and doorways. They're sure to make sugarplums dance in your heads, that’s how ridiculously amazing they are.  

On the day your order arrives, open your Interior Delights boxes and find the Merry Christmas Wreath Appliqué Table Runner (and possibly another runner to layer it over, they like to stay cozy). We like to iron all our runners to give them a crisp, flat look. But if you hate ironing, wrinkles never hurt anyone and they eventually, magically sort of disappear, right?  Next, put your cute little Reindeer Tea Light Holders on either side of your riser. I named mine Donner & Prancer. I thought they looked quite dashing in the two wreath openings on the runner, but add them where ye may. When you pull the Cedar Sprays, Red Berry Picks, and Pine Sprays out of your box, just fluff them out by separating the branches and they will spread out and bend nicely for you (as good little greenery sprays should). Set these in your Large bowl of the set of 2 Brown Wooden Dough Bowl’s that you ordered. The other small dough bowl can just settle down in the cabinet for a long winter’s nap. Just kidding, put that luxurious thing out on another table with ornaments and greenery!

Next, tack a small nail into the top middle of the bowl with a hammer. Yes, I said hammer. If I can do it, so can you. Much easier than making pie, I must say! Loop your set of 3 Gold Cowbells together with a knot and hang over the nail. Allow room for them to drape over the side of the bowl so that when placed on the riser, they hang down nicely. Take about 20” of ribbon and tuck the ends of the rope under and tie a knot around it for some added flourish and to secure your bells. Now, in the spirit of welcoming your brand new Christmas bells, you must play aloud the traditional English carol, “Ding Dong Merrily on High!” Dancing around them is entirely optional. But highly recommended.

Lastly, place your rustic footed riser in the center of your runner and lay your bowl on top of it to complete your masterpiece. Step back over towards the Christmas tree and look at it. Isn’t it glorious? We love it. Splendid job, friend! Now we give you our full permission to pretend you never had the Interior Delights stylists as your holiday elves explaining this centerpiece wonderment to you in detail. Take the glory and accolades, go on, take it! Revel in it. This is the season of giving, is it not? However… please, secretly toast to us under your breath when you have that glass of wine by the fireplace tonight, and just stare at this work of art that is now yours for this present Christmas and the Christmases yet to come. That is all we, your holiday elves, ask for. Your elf on the shelf will let us know you toasted us, so you don’t even have to let us know you obliged us. We’re making it so easy on you, because that is what elves do. With pleasure!

Enjoy this styled look, friends!

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