Whimsy Pine Wreath- Halloween Style!

Whimsy Pine Wreath- Halloween Style!

I love a good DIY craft anytime of the year, but there is something about fall that makes me want to sip a pumpkin latte, watch Gilmore Girls and pull out some ribbons and get creative. But let’s be honest, the less mess the better. If no glue gun is involved, that is the project for me! I’ve taken the time to create wreaths in the past, but was disappointed to only get a couple years use out of them, as crafted wreaths are sort of notorious for falling apart in storage. Not so with this project, you’ll enjoy it for generations. The ghosts flying in a circle are oh-so-cute and made of a sturdy metal that will definitely withstand the great outdoors for years of use. Our Whimsy Pine Wreath is so fully luxurious and realistic looking, gorgeous alone or styled for the season. You can find the Whimsy Pine Wreath and Ghost Wreath in the Interior Delights online shop or if you are local to Parker, Colorado- we would love to see you at the shop. I plan on styling this Whimsy Pine Wreath seasonally, and sharing my creations here on the blog. So order your own and we can be wreath friends, crafting and styling our wreaths throughout the seasons together.

The one part of this project that you are on your own for is the ribbon choice. We do not carry the ribbon, but this black and white buffalo check ribbon and the orange ribbon can be purchased at any craft store near you. So gather up all you need for this adorable not-too-spooky Whimsy Pine Wreath- Halloween style.

Are you ready my wreath friend? Light that fall candle, get your most inspirational autumn inspired music or show playing in the background and let’s get started! You will need:
  • Sharp scissors that can cut ribbon easily. (Not your kid’s blunt craft scissors!)
  • Your choice of 2 spools of ribbons from your local craft store. I chose a narrow orange ribbon and a wide black and white check. The contrast between the narrow and wide ribbons is key for visual interest!
Step 1
Prepare your work space and lay the ghost wreath on top of the Pine wreath. Cut your orange ribbon in one long 60” length and do the same with your black and white ribbon. Lay your narrow orange ribbon on top of the wide black and white ribbon and make sure they are flat on each other without any twisting.

Step 2

Loop your ribbons through the middle of the pine and ghost wreath. Loop ribbons over the circular part of the white metal wreath but behind the ghosts, making sure that the ribbons are not covering any of your cute ghosts.
Step 3 
Cut a 40” length of ribbon and tie a bow around all four ribbons right above the wreath. Snip the ends of your ribbon once you’ve perfected the shape of your bow. Now your wreath is ready to hang over a door or window. Tack it up, or if you have a wreath hook, tie a knot at the very top of your loose ribbon ends and loop it onto your hook. Quite easy and adorable, don't you think?
I decided to hang this inside my home near some other coordinating Halloween items from my 2023 Fall Interior Delights collection. My wreath matches the various Boo! pillows and Black and Cream striped Pillows just perfectly. The coordinating Ghost Yard Stakes look so great in my yard, and we will soon put our families carved pumpkins all around them to keep them company during spooky October. When it comes to autumn decorating, I typically shy away from decorating with Halloween specific items.  But, I must say these Halloween items are adding a pop of color and playfulness that I’ve noticed puts a smile on everyone’s face. I can tell my kids really enjoy these friendly little ghosts. The swirling green pine behind any decoration is so pretty and timeless, don’t you think? Please share in the comments how you chose to style your pine wreath!
Actually, don’t go yet, wreath friend! I have one more fun tip after you’ve added your Halloween styled Whimsy Pine wreath and all of your new Interior Delights Halloween decor to your home. It is over- the- top- amazing so you have to trust me on this one. My final tip after this easy project is, to fill this Gathering Cloche (also available in the shop of course!) with all sorts of delicious autumn sweets and you will absolutely enchant your friends and family. I filled mine with caramel cupcakes, candy pumpkins, and cinnamon rolls. Pretend that the sweet treats idea was all yours. I promise that I won’t tell a soul. As always, I am happy to share these items for you so that you can enjoy making your home a place of delight. Now go forth and decorate! And report back to me on your success!

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