A Little About Interior Delights

 Hi!  I'm Sarah, owner and founder of Interior Delights. 

The year is 2013. Picture a little kitchen with white cabinets, black faux granite countertops and a small round table in a kitchen nook.  All of the chairs are mismatched, painted and thrifted. There is a freshly painted white kitchen hutch in the background and a pair of red and white valances on the windows that are made from thrifted pillowcases.  Kids are running around in the backyard, a few goldfish crackers have been stepped on and the crumbs are on the floor.  Four moms are sitting at the table, talking about life, laughing about crazy events and encouraging each other through tough times.

This was the setting of my home every Friday morning.  Priority living.  Living in community.  Women supporting women and doing life together. Money was tight then and during a conversation about needing to find a way to make some extra income, one friend suggested that I start selling my painted furniture.  I asked "Do you think people would by it, and all of my friends replied with a big YES!"  They believed in me & so the story began.  From the first piece of painted furniture and founding of this little shop to this growing e-commerce business, Interior Delights has always been a story of encouraging one another, seeing the best in others and building on each other's talents to create a thriving environment for everyone. 

My love for a beautiful home that is filled with friendship and community has always been at the heart of Interior Delights.  When others walk into my home, I want them to feel welcome.  When I walk into my home, I want to feel peace and delight. I want that peace and delight for you too!  I hope that decor from our shop helps you create beauty within your home.  I hope our inspiration helps build your confidence in decorating and stirs a desire within you to welcome others into your home. 



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