Create Our Whimsical Christmas Staircase

Create Our Whimsical Christmas Staircase

Tis’ the season to hang the stockings by the chimney with care, since St. Nicholas will soon be here. I am utterly enamored with these one-of-a-kind fur-knit stockings, and thought that I would showcase them prominently as you step through the front door of my home. My guests get a kick out of the unexpected, and I knew these stockings, along with garlands, bells, and ribbons adorning my staircase in the main entryway, would infuse a whimsical touch to the holiday decor. Rest assured, dear friends, I'll relocate them to the fireplace mantle on Christmas Eve to avoid any potential disruption to Santa's routine. My kids would not want to miss out on the stocking stuffers they get to open before mom and dad wake up, that is for sure!

After sharing my holiday stockings arrangement online, I've been inundated with comments and emails, wondering how exactly to achieve this festive look. I am more than happy to explain the process in the five easy steps below. While some of these fabulous items may currently be out of stock, fret not, as you can always subscribe to email alerts for a heads-up when they make a triumphant return. If you happen to spot something in stock, consider yourself fortunate! You've got until December 10th to place your order and ensure it arrives just in time for the yuletide festivities.

First gather the following items:
6ft Cedar Garland- Single, Set of 3 or Set of 6
4 Rustic Iron Bells on Rope
7ft LED-Twiggy Lit Garland
Cedar and Eucalyptus Garland
Fur knit Stockings Set
Metal hearts on Jute Rope

Simply take a screenshot of the 5-step image if you've already got everything you need, or save it to your Pinterest board for future festive inspiration! I sincerely hope that these 5 easy steps eliminate any guesswork for you.

And now, for all the wonderful moms out there orchestrating the Christmas magic, don't forget to indulge in what I affectionately call "The Post-Hang Relaxation Plan!" At Interior Delights, my team and I love to infuse enchantment into the everyday moments. So, why not initiate a delightful tradition? After adorning your stockings with care, plan a cozy evening filled with laughter and warmth. Christmas is a season to relish each moment, cherishing time spent with your loved ones in the comfort of your delightful home. What better way to bask in the joy of your new decor than by creating a memorable evening centered around the simple act of hanging stockings?

Picture this: your Twiggy Lit Garland casting a warm glow, the stockings hanging with festive flair, and the aroma of seasonal treats wafting through the air. Gather your loved ones and create lasting memories as you revel in the ambiance of your beautifully decorated space. This newfound tradition is not just about decorating; it's about savoring the joy and togetherness that the holiday season brings. So try a few of these ideas to make the night a special celebration:

Hot Cocoa Extravaganza: Brew a pot of the richest hot cocoa you can muster. Don't forget the marshmallows—extra large, of course. You've earned it.

Fuzzy Blanket and Christmas Movie Marathon: Wrap yourself in the luxurious warmth of a plush blanket and settle in for a Christmas movie marathon. Gather the family into the living room, and don't forget to don your favorite Christmas pajamas.

Yule Log Fireplace (or Netflix's Fireplace for Your Techno-Fire Needs): If you're lucky enough to have a fireplace, light it up and roast some marshmallows. If not, cue up Netflix's Fireplace and pretend. Oddly, it always makes me feel warmer so that should do the trick!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Fashion Show: Change into your ugliest Christmas sweater and have a family fashion show. Your newly decorated staircase can be your model catwalk where you show off your look. Bonus points for creativity and blinking lights.

Holiday Tunes Dance Party: Create a playlist of your favorite holiday tunes and have a dance party. The key here is to let loose and dance like nobody's watching, even if your cat is judging you from the corner.

By the end of this post-hang relaxation plan, you'll be in full-on holiday mode, with visions of sugarplums (or maybe just strategically placed tinsel) dancing in your head.

So there you have it—the ultimate guide to hanging stockings on the stairs and kicking back to enjoy the fruits of your festive labor. May your staircase be merry and bright, and may your holiday season be filled with laughter, love, and just the right amount of holiday chaos. Cheers to you, the unspoken holiday maestro, who turns each and every moment of the holiday season into pure delight!

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