Merry Christmas & a Whole House Renovation

Merry Christmas & a Whole House Renovation

Merry Christmas Friends!  The countdown is on & what I haven't mentioned is that right now we’ve got a big renovation project on our hands.  It’s a complete demo at the moment & with COVID, everything is taking longer than expected. Thankfully we are still living in our current home & can enjoy Christmas without worrying about packing up & trying to move!

 Here’s a little preview of the home we're working on. I have always loved the charm of  historic homes & although this 1980’s Tudor style home is far from historic, it still has potential to have that charm that I love.

Some days I  come over to the new house just to watch the sunset.  This photo was taken in the Fall when the forest fires made the sky smoky & the sun glowing red.

We know that we'll be painting & staining the entire house, removing the dark brown slats, replacing the front door, garage doors & replacing the windows.  It's a lot of work and it'll be a process.  Right now we’re tackling the interior, and then come summer we’ll take on the exterior.  I've been swooning over these  photos below that I found on Pinterest.

Above: What I love:  The creamy white brick, sage wooden shutters & The solid wood doors. 


Above:  What I love:  The beautiful details in this window & the dark gray trim.

Above: What I love:  The cream paint, the dark wooden garage doors & the shutters. 

Next time I post, I'll take you inside & show you some "before" photos & share with you some of the things I've been learning about choosing kitchen cabinets. It's not an  easy choice, especially when it's for your own home. 

See you next time!



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