Progress on our Master Bath Remodel.

Progress on our Master Bath Remodel.

I have a love hate relationship with decisions.  Normally I'm a very decisive person & know what I like and what I don't like, but having to choose just ONE of anything when there are several amazing options has just about put me over the edge.  Okay, it actually did put me over the edge.  In February, when I was trying to figure out the layout of the lighting and mirrors, I literally fell through the floor of our master bathroom. I stepped back to get a better view, and I forgot that there was a huge hole right behind me. Before I realized what had happened, my legs had gone through the ceiling of the dining room below and I was trying to pull myself back through the floor of our master bath.   I ended up in the ER and was out of commission for two entire weeks ... so through the roof, maybe not. Through the floor.  Definitely.

White Subway Tile with Texture

Okay, back to decisions . How do you decide on finishes when there are hundreds of  patterns & textures & colors? How do you go with your gut and not doubt yourself, especially when every day someone posts a new gorgeous bathroom remodel on Instagram and your Pinterest feed if flooded with so many gorgeous ideas.  It's not easy.  I spent several days visiting tile shops all over the Denver area and ended up choosing all of my tile at Floor and Decor (of all places)!  I kept going back to this really wavy textured subway tile with a little crackle in it and then I choose a coordinating penny tile.  I've always loved polka dots, so I think that’s why it called my name. The floors of the master bath are  shown in the vision board.  They have a slightly raised plaid pattern that reminds me of linen.

Interior Delights Bathroom Makeover

I'm going to tell you how I made almost every decision in my home.  I am an extremely visual person and need to really see things in person before I can decide.  Pinterest and vision boards became my best friend.

 I created a board in my Pinterest account that was dedicated exclusively to my home remodel.   You can check it out right here:  Master Bath Inspiration 

Underneath that board I created subcategories for literally everything I needed to decide on.  Hardware, faucets, windows, tile, backsplash, countertops, cabinets... you get the picture.  Every time I saw something I liked I pinned it into the sub category.  Over time I had several pins in each sub category and I was able to look at all of the photos and look for common elements of what I liked.  It was crazy because my boards were very cohesive and I could tell what I liked in the photos even though I couldn't put it into words. I found that I had an exact style of cabinets I liked, hardware, fixtures, tile... etc. Sure, there were lots of choices within choices and I questioned myself along the way, but as it's coming together I am starting to really love the outcome.

White textured subway tile with penny tile floors

Here's a little glimpse into the bathroom right now.

Modern Farmhouse Master Bath with Herringbone Subway Tile and Penny Tile Floors

And here is one of my only true "Before" photos.

Thanks so much for taking a peek at our bathroom.  I hope it inspires you and helps you figure out what you truly love. 



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