Easy Tips to be Ready When Friends Pop By!

Easy Tips to be Ready When Friends Pop By!

There's this comedian sketch that's so hilariously accurate—it's all about the shenanigans of having unexpected guests nowadays compared to the neighborly vibes of 20 years ago. If you haven’t seen Sebastian Maniscalco’s “Doorbell” bit, watch it here, because today we’re talking all about how we can be effortlessly prepared, even welcoming and excited for when people stop by. So many of us have happy childhood memories of sliding up to the front door in socks to see who just stopped by because they were in the neighborhood. Let’s bring back the old school quick pop-in on friends and make the doorbell ringing be a happy moment in your house once again. With these simple tips in this post, not only will you be ready for unexpected company, but it will become one of your cherished highlights of life in your home.

All you have to do is: Prepare & Stash!

Similar to how Sebastian's mom pulled out an Entenmann's coffee cake and declared it a special treat for guests to the entire family, that's exactly what you'll do. This lady's got the prep game down pat, so we're basically just going to follow in her legendary footsteps. I imagine when she proudly took the coffee cake out of the box she may have just put it on the table on the cardboard plate it came on. We’re going to take it up a notch since that is so easy to do. Finding the perfect pedestal for your treat can instantly transform it from a convenience food to a delectable dessert. It’s just as crucial as whipping up something delicious, I take that back it’s even more important—it’s all about that presentation, baby! Take a gander at our trays, risers, and boards! We love our cheese and marble boards for a spread of cheese, crackers, which are always on hand in my kitchen. These culinary comrades possess the magical ability to last for eons in your pantry. Cheese and crackers to the rescue! If you happen to have some fruit, toss that on the board as well.

Another easy favorite of mine is Chocolate Chip Bread. It's like a warm hug for your taste buds, so simple, yet always a hit. And the best part is, you can double or triple the recipe, store one in the icy depths of your freezer, and there you have it—ready-made nourishment for those unexpected visits. Now, here's where the real genius kicks in. Label that frozen treasure "Company Cake only until…" and slap on a date three months into the future. Tuck that precious parcel away in the furthest corner of your freezer, out of sight but never out of mind. Because when the time comes to unveil your hidden gem, you'll be hailed as the hostess hero you were always meant to be.

Got a mini-me who's a pro at being responsible? Stick a note inside your cupboard, like a secret snack-for-company ninja mission, for them to uncover when you're caught up chatting with an unexpected guest. In three simple steps, instruct them on the unexpected company snack rescue operation: what treat to fetch and where it’s hidden, which tray to use, and don't forget a drink. With this genius plan in place, you can keep the conversation flowing while your impromptu treat materializes like magic! You could even do a test run when Grandma or someone familiar stops by to see how they do at this little task, before the real impromptu event.

Our products ship at lightning speed! So, grab your favorite tray or board now, and you'll be all set the next time a friend pops by. We're constantly restocking these types of versatile boards because we're obsessed with how they effortlessly transform an ordinary snack into a gourmet delight for your guests. Let's kick off the revolution—time to resurrect the good ol' spontaneous pop-in, friends. Here’s to flipping those lights on when the doorbell rings and joyously shouting, “We got people!”

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