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      Using Electrical Tape to Measure out Window Grids

      We are replacing all of the windows in our house and I've spent hours trying to decide on the layout of the windows and whether or not I want to put grids on the them.  I always prefer the look of grids in windows.  The issue is that we have really pretty mountain views here and I don't want to hinder our views.  Stacey told me to give it a few months and I won't even notice my views anymore. I'll let ya know. :)

      I really hate measuring things and I was doing everything in my power to NOT have to put tape on my windows, but I finally decided that there was no other way to do it.  I had already tried the markup tool on my phone to draw grids on the windows and that didn't help. I finally ended up buying a 6 pack of 3/4" thick black electrical tape and did it.  I measured the width of every window and split it down the middle.  Then measured the length and divided it into 4 equal parts.  One window led to another and in the end I was obsessed.  There was no doubt in my mind.  Decision made.  

      With Grids

      Without Grids


      The grids really make our home feel more cozy.  It has such an open floor plan, and without the grids, my eye never knew where to land.  I feel like having the window grids helps separate the inside from the out in a good way.  I just taped up a few windows in every room so that I could make sure that I really wanted to go forward with it.

      This is the tape that I used.  It worked perfectly.  I ordered it on amazon.

      One more thing.  Because of the length of our windows, we decided to go with casement windows rather than standard double hung windows.  Normally with casement windows, all of the wood is painted the same color.  This means that all of the trim in-between each window would be black.  I decided to order my windows pre-painted white with black grids and then once installed, I will have the painter paint the slim inner trim in black.  I prefer white trim and think that it will be too much black if we do the entire window in black.

      Here's a close up of the area that will be black vs. white.  Normally all of the area that is shown in white would be painted black as well.  

      Thanks so much for reading & I hope this helps you if you're having trouble deciding what to do.