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    Planning our Living Room Renovation

     Hey Friends,

    It’s Sarah here & I’m excited to finally take you into the house that we’ve been renovating. I feel like it’s a little step closer to one of my childhood dreams. I grew up near the corn fields of Ohio, but ever since I was a little girl I have had this crazy dream that one day I’d move to Colorado and live on a ranch.  In 2010 we finally made it to Colorado and last September we got ourselves some land.  Not a lot of land, but some.  Enough.  And we are excited!

     During the COVID shutdowns, my family & I discovered the TV series “Heartland” and in six weeks we  binge watched all 13 seasons!  Please don’t do that math. We put in a lot of screen time during those 6 weeks! Anyways, watching that series kinda woke up that dream inside of me and I started driving around and looking for a ranch, or at least a home with space to breathe and dream.  

    In September I stumbled across this house & it had the most amazing views.  180 degree views of the mountains & amazing sunsets.  Every time I drove past it I could imagine our family living there.  Fast forward to March 2021 and we’ve been renovating this house for 7 months.  There’s still a lot to do, but the cabinets arrived today & I’m starting to see a glimmer of hope! 

    The entire main floor has been gutted, 75% of the walls were taken down or moved and this week they got the drywall up!   I'm not going to overwhelm you with the entire house, but I'll show you what we're doing to the living room right now.

    First, the before photos.  The fireplace wasn't horrible, but it wasn't what I envisioned and it was wood burning. It wasn't centered on the beams and the stone was laid on top of a layer of rust orange stone.  We ripped it all out & soon you'll see what we decided to do.

    There was a step down from the kitchen into the living room and there were walls in all the wrong places.  We raised up the floor so that the whole house is on one level and we tore out walls. 



    The red tape above shows where we planned to add a door.  Behind that wall is our future mud room that is right off of the garage.

    Here we are today. Making progress!!

    Below are some dream boards.  They are just collages that I made in Photoshop to help me envision how things will look in the space. These are just ideas, not my final plans.  The chandelier that I ordered for this space isn't pictured below.  The wall color below will probably not be the one I use.  My mind goes in 100 different directions & I change my mind all the time... but someday It will all come together & we'll be sitting on the sofa watching the sunset!  Can't wait!